Penis Enlargement Devices

Men have genitals of various sizes. Most of them are satisfied with the size of their own penis, while others are inclined to believe that their symbol of male pride is small. A recent survey by the American magazine Details showed that 39% of respondents believe that they have a small penis.

The urgency of the problem of penis enlargement is undeniable, since about 80% of men suffer from an inferiority complex about their penis solely because of a lack of information about the size of the male genital organs.

The most common penis size is from 14 to 16 cm. A penis size of 13 cm is found in 12% of the male population, 12 cm in 6%. And only about 3% of men have a penis size of less than 12 cm.

From a medical point of view, the small penis is such a penis size that does not exceed 9.5 cm in length in an erection state.

A micropenis is quite rare – this is a member whose length in an erect position is less than 2 cm. Such a size of the penis is a completely justified reason for surgery to increase the penis.

With a very small penis length, it becomes difficult for a man to have a full sexual intercourse and deliver sexual pleasure to his partner.

Indications for surgical penis enlargement

In most cases, men want to increase the size of the penis for the following reasons:

  • to enhance the visual appeal,
  • to improve the quality of sexual relationships,
  • to increase self-esteem, due to the “locker room syndrome”, when a man is shy about being naked in a shared shower, sauna , etc. , believing that he has a small penis.

There are the following 3 main groups of indications for penis enlargement surgery:

  • medical (epispadias, hypospadias, Peyronie’s disease, cavernous fibrosis, consequences of injuries, micropenis);
  • functional (excess subcutaneous fat in the pubic region, buried, hidden penis, membranous penis);
  • the third group – aesthetic (penile dysmorphophobia) indications, the most numerous and at the same time the most controversial.

Penis Enlargement Methods

All methods used to increase the size of the penis can be conditionally divided into three groups – vacuum, traction and surgical. The first two groups are inherently non-surgical methods and consist of a long “training” of organ tissues in tension.

  • Vacuum devices (VU)  – consist of two main components: a cylinder with one open end, into which the penis is inserted and a vacuum pump. VU works on the principle of a pressure gradient – air is removed from the cylinder by a pump, a vacuum is created in the cylinder, as a result of which the blood rushes from the body to the penis and it increases in size.
  • External stretching apparatus. They are various extenders for permanent stretching of the penis in length. For 4-6 months of regular daily training, it is possible to increase the length of the penis from 1.5 to 3 cm (without surgery). However, it is especially recommended to use these devices after surgical lengthening of the penis. In this case, the effect will be significantly greater.
  • Surgical intervention. Possibilities of penis lengthening with the help of surgical intervention lie in the features of fixation of the cavernous bodies of the penis by the supporting ligament to the pubic joint. The supporting ligament is the main object of intervention in penile enlargement surgery.

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