Unsolicited penis enhancing agent Horsepower Plus in the post | Radar checks

Suddenly there is a package with the name Horsepower Plus on the mat. The package contains pills that would enlarge your penis. You are surprised because you did not order them at all. This happened to hundreds of consumers in recent months.

These are pills from the company Aliaz Cooperation Sia from Estonia. It is raining complaints at the Consumers’ Association. Over four hundred complaints arrived in a few months. It goes like this: consumers receive a package unsolicited with an invoice from a company from Estonia. They are asked to transfer the amount. Quite soon thereafter, letters with collection costs follow. A letter later with a collection fee will follow. Some consumers are still sent a package with the potential agent with an invoice that can go up to almost two hundred euros.

“Don’t pay the bill”

Consumers indicate that they have not concluded any purchase agreement with the company. But what should you do if this happens to you? Gerard Spierenburg of the consumer association is clear: Do nothing. Do not pay the bill. Throw the package in the trash. If you have not entered into a purchase, the company cannot help you. A company may never send you unsolicited products. Also do not send the package back, they will know they have a bite.

How the company got the addresses is unclear. Internationally, consumer organizations are also warning about the company Aliaz Cooperation Sia. The European Consumer Center (ECC) has posted a message on the site in various European countries. This also contains a sample letter for unsolicited transmissions . In the message they mainly report not to take the pills because it is unclear what the side effects are. In 2016, there were also many reports to the Consumers’ Association about incorrect accounts of Aliaz Cooperation Sia. 

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